From running in sunny Brazil to cycling at the canals in Amsterdam

Victor werkt bij Realworks

Victor is a 28-year-old Brazilian Italian and works for Realworks as a Java Developer. He came to the Netherlands looking for professional growth and to travel around Europe. Before moving to the Netherlands, Victor went on a European trip to Germany, the Czech republic, England and the Netherlands. He visited the Netherlands during King's Day and fell in love with the people, the tulips, the bicycles and the bitterballen. He decided to move to the Netherlands and has lived here for almost 3 years.

Being an exchange student made him realize he wanted to work and live abroad
Victor is a computer engineer and worked for some time in Brazil as a software developer. His background is in Java and he also has some experience with frontend technologies. During his studies he had the opportunity to do an exchange year in the United States, which he really loved. During his studies in the US he really liked to live outside his comfort zone and decided to move abroad after he finished his time in the US. Victor posted a message at LinkedIn that he was looking for a job in the Netherlands and a recruiter reached out to him within a few seconds.

‘’To help people to find the house of their dreams is what I love about this Job’’
''I got a really good feeling about Realworks from the moment I applied. After I started working here I learned a lot about Realworks and I feel happy to be part of the team. I discovered that Realworks has their unique way of working and I think that’s a great way. Every team and every employee has their own goals and help each other to achieve those goals.’’ ‘’I am proud to be a member of Team Nieuwbouw. Which is responsible for our new construction module.   We are working on a new look and feel which will make this module more user friendly.’’

‘’What I like about my job is that we are building a solution that many people are using. It helps people to find the house of their dreams. What is more important than that! I really like that I can be part of something which is that useful.’’

‘’Realworks provides Dutch lessons, which is a great perk!’’
‘’Realworks doesn’t have a hierarchy,  which means I can approach senior people and the management team very easily. I like how every team is connected with each other. We work in an agile environment, in biweekly sprints. Every other Friday we present what we’ve been working on the last two weeks, and what we are planning to do in the next sprint. After this demo we have our ‘Vrijmibo’, (which is currently online) which is a good time to practise my Dutch skills.’’ ‘’Realworks provides a Dutch course for people from abroad and I’ve just got the certificate today. We have a book with texts and grammar, but I like a lot of practising as well.’’


‘’I think we can form the first Realworks band ever!’’

‘’I like to listen to music and to play the bass guitar. I always wanted to play an instrument and I couldn’t decide between the guitar or the bass guitar. So I made an appointment with a teacher and after one month of lessons, I decided to play the bass guitar. Most of the time I play rock music like Nirvana, The Doors and Dire Straits. I played in a band in Brazil. At Realworks we can form a band with colleagues from back office. One colleague plays the keyboard and the other is a drummer.''

‘’I like to run as well. I usually run around 5KM two times a week. I intend to run a marathon in the future. I already did one small run in Eindhoven (10K) which was an interesting experience, because I like to run but I never ran 10KM before. It was very nice to see people who wanted to cheer for you and give you bottles of water, but the next day I could barely walk. Next time I also want to do the 10KM, but I will be more prepared.’’‘’In the Netherlands I enjoy running more than in Brazil, because here you have a lot of parks and you can almost run everywhere. In Brazil we have specific areas to do sports. When I was running in Brazil I ran around my neighbourhood, which is like buildings and streets. Besides running, I really want to do ice skating sometimes. I live nearby the Jaap Eden baan, so it is easy to go there.’’ 


Brazilian BBQ’s is what he is missing the most from Brazil

’I really miss the food, the Brazilian food is really good and to compensate that I had to learn how to cook some things here in the Netherlands. My cooking skills have developed a lot since I moved here. And I miss the Brazilian BBQ’s they are really nice. For example when you say that you’re coming to a Brazilian BBQ, you can bring everyone you like, without checking the host first. It’s okay to just bring your friends but there are two rules within this concept’’:

1.    You should at least bring 500 grams of meat.

2.    You should at least bring 12 beers with you.


’We love this concept, maybe we should plan a Brazilian BBQ as well ’’

Ook werken bij Realworks?

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